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Your dream OGF home

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One of the most interesting discussions on the Discord chat was about where we'd most like to live in OGF. If you were allowed a home (and perhaps a holiday home or two) in any country (including your own) where would they be?


In Myrcia I've thought long and hard about this and decided I want to live in one of the quiet backstreets of the historic Godricsburh neighbourhood. It's famous for its literary connections, bookshops, cafés and jazz bars. 11 Hawk Stræt, Dunwic

I definitely like the look of these large, old houses in the centre of historic Drahany, I think it would be a beautiful city to live in and not too hot either. Quite similar I think to these streets in the historic district of Saar, Känton, I feel like I could step out of my front door and get some dinner in Vanaplats or go for a walk along the river (I wonder if it's cold enough to freeze over in the winter).

For a summer holiday I've already discussed the opportunity of the Myrcian ambassador buying a house in the little port town of Stefane, Egani, one of the ones along this stretch of road, looking over the harbour. Otherwise somewhere in Gobrassanya might be a good bet, perhaps Santa Rosa or on the Bá Dunes.


I think I'd enjoy living somewhere in Tarott-Hellbad or Tarott-Kurzeltor. Or basically any eur.... I mean western-Ulethan city center with view on a train station or some sort of other public transport ;) .


Possibly somwhere in the Michener mountains near Tirstená


In the Gagium Republic, I'd probably want to have a home somewhere in this town because of the fact that it's near the coast and also has a nice hiking area and a river. I'd also like to live in this Tar'ap Suburb area because of the beach. The fact that it's not at all far from the city center itself is nice.


In Neo Delta I like Iucan, which is actually in the distant Brugas Island (you can check Iucan here).

Outside Neo Delta, I love Demuth's Mynninghamn, in Østermark (chech it here).


In Borceliande I would spend half of the year in a quiet house in wealthy Pollonie and the other half of the year in a flat with a view in central Troie

Abroad, I think I'be fine in Dunwic or in Pyingshum.


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There are several cities in Karolia I would like to live in, but I think the one I'd choose to live in is Riispere. I'd like a lakeside house in  Jaarvi Milakai, with a view of the mountains on all sides, and easy enough to get to the concert hall by train and the football stadium on foot (Saturdays would usually be spent at one, other or both) and not too far from the historic town centre. I'd probably have to go to Vasireii for work quite frequently, but luckily a new fast road is under construction and there is a good rail connection to the rest of the country.

For a holiday home I think Miramar in Brocelliande  - hills, islands, beaches and an interesting city nearby.

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In Hoppon- Genki-shuhen, within walking distance of both Chuokaku a massive shopping district and Shokugen were I would most likely work. Also borders Kyushigai-ku which has many shrines, cultural amenities and is the former southern capital of Hoppon.
In Lallemand, I would live in Central Praetor Hills which has access to the Mall of Okugun, The Airport, The Fine Arts of Praetor Hills and Westriver-Town Centre and Central Avewood is just a few miles down the road in each direction, on the only highway in the entire island. I might also live in the small town of Cibiyar which has access to Novograd the largest city in the communist island paradise of People's Republic of Lallemand.

Internationally I would most likely dwell in

Maruim- Itacolomi, which has great access not only to the airport but the center of Itacolomi while being one of the nicer parts.

Banyan Valley- Leluwa which is in walking distance from the city center of Leluwa and several beautiful mountainous regions at the same time.

Their is also Cabo Ingles- Villa Constitucion which has many cool neighborhoods that I would love to chill in.

Being from a Sub-tropical to Tropical climate and living in Houston I don't like the cold and would avoid living to far north.

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