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Show us your ... university

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Back on the old SimCity forums we had threads around the subject 'Show us your ...' highways, airports, universities, canals etc and it was always good to see how people were getting on and to share tips on creating better and more realistic cities.

Here is the first OGF thread along those lines. Show us your ... university!


I have a few that I've mapped so far in Myrcia.

The biggest and oldest is Kirkcoleg Myrcia (map) (wiki) which is based on Oxford and Cambridge with historic colleges and university departments in mid-century office blocks and old Victorian mansions. I'm also starting work on some modern colleges on the outskirts of the city which are more like St Catherine's College, Oxford (map).

There's also Núcoleg Dunwic (map), a technical university, Dunwic Fine Art Coleg (map) and Universitet Washinburh (map)


Okay, here is my university.

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Great idea! Neo Delta has several universities, all still being mapped. The largest one by far is the Neo Delta University (map), with students from all over the country and abroad. It's the one I've spent the most time editing to represent the country. There are several programs at Neo Delta University, but the ones related to Political Science are the most renowned!

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I've only mapped two universities. Nelyto City University (map) which was inpired in Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, where I currently study.

I've also mapped a university in Tekon, Commonia (map), when I first joined OGF.

Now I'm planning to build the main university of Yuris in Ordyo City (currently "under construction")

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So far, i've only mapped one university, that being University College Kingsbury (map), which is part of federal university structure, and is very much in the mould of the Oxbridge system of autonomous halls of residence.

There will be four other university colleges to build, although i've done almost nothing to date.


There's only one university in Freedemia that's almost completely mapped, and that's Quentins State International University, or Quentins University for short (which was also one of the school's historical names). (map) It's a public university, but then again almost all of the ones in Freedemia (planned or partially mapped) are technically public due to the Freedemian university system...

The only part that still needs major mapping/remapping at this point is the area at the north end. I'm still debating what exactly to put there, though.

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