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Midistland (wiki) is a blue country located in central Uletha. It's known for being bi-lingual, east side of the country speaks Castalanese, while the west - Gaermanic. The capital of Midistland is Bend (wiki)


I've got an idea for a HSR network in Midistland. it could go around the northern part of the country on a Shia-Rugenia-Bend-Margarath-New Erneerik-Tengah-Termapolis route with an optional Bend-Tengah branch to shorten the time of travel between Bend and the cities in the middle of the country, optional tunnel between Termapolis and Shia to close the circle and branches to neighbooring countries. There is no major cities in the south so the network wouldn't go there. What do you think?


Works fine for me. I've made a town (map) to the north and i am currently working on a much larger city some 30km west from it, also on the lake shore

You are here » OpenGeofiction » Blue Territories » Midistland