I'd like to show my stuff - this is the only place i've got something done in my country, the northern part of it. It is going to be a densely populated cluster of cities, but currently there is only one - Ligota, the capital. I aim for it to be a 500-700k city, but I'm not satisfied with how it looks currently. I find it undersized (I can barely draw a few tram lines here! It's like a small town!), and i don't like how landuse=residential is going along the roads. As you may see I have smoothened the coastline (it's a lake, not sea!). I also want to make a small harbour in the Hawyna (Hafen/Harbour) district. On south-west of the picture you can see the awesome Ligota-Alfred Regional Airport made by mfnlitvania. What do you think about the city?