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This is the page for the country of Auleus

Wiki and the Map

Auleus is being divided into multiple states in a Holy Roman Empire-esque country and thus needs a name if you have any suggestions or would like to choose from Aulean Confederation or Aulean Empire or anything else do so in the comments


These states are going to be sovereign states so should I use 2 administrative boundary or 3 as I still need to link them together as part of the Aulean Confederation


I believe that if they work as "nations" within a confederation, just like the United Kingdom, you should use boundary 3 for them and boundary 2 only for the confederation.


With an area the size of Albania, I wouldn't describe Auleus as an empire! I agree that boundary 2 for the confederation and 3 for the states makes sense.

(BTW, the United Kingdom is not a confederation. It is a single sovereign state in which some powers have been unevenly delegated to three of its four parts).

You are here » OpenGeofiction » Individual Projects » Auleus