I have combined both these countries in one topic as Meridonia is a microstate and is culturally very similar to Karolia. It also shares its currency and other administrative details.

Karolia is a federal republic located in mid-Ulethia in central temperate climate. It is a mountainous nation with some rolling plains to the east and borders the Kaspen Sea to the south. The capital city is Säntjana and the population c.18 million. There are many small islands on the coast and the Saarmae islands some 100km offshore, created by the same tectonic activity that created the mountain ranges. The country is a significant economic power and manufactures cars, trains, aircraft, electronics, and technology as well as a large service and technology economy. The standard of living is very high and an extensive welfare state is maintained for citizens. Karolia is noted for sporting and artistic achievements particularly in football and classical, folk and metal music. The two official languages are Karolian and Romans with about a 75/25 split as first languages.

Meridonia is a tiny monarchic state completely surrounded by Karolia and for all intents sharing a common language. The Capital is Masbar-Citte and the population 46,000. It is a tax haven and home to many financial services as well as being a ski resort.

Both countries are very open to foreign trade and do not impose high tarriffs on imported goods. They are both members of a small customs and border union with surrounding countries. The Karolian flag carrier, Air Karolia, has a large route network and codeshare agreements.

I am not generally intending to allow collaborative mapping in Karolia, but may make exceptions for trusted users with good ideas.