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Firstly, to be clear, this isn't a diary. I don't even know what the days of the week are called in shenavroon.

And Shadze-Ma uses decimal time, so there may be some time delay in a response.

Anyway, if you want to criticise or critique (or celebrate) anything about these islands, you can do so here in the clear and certain knowledge that the islands have no military, no secret services, no intelligence agencies and will be unable to respond except by inviting you to visit and see the sites (all currency and credit cards accepted).


Ah - the thread's name has changed, to 'nation diairies' (I suppose 'country diaries' would sound a bit bucolic). Maybe I'm not in the right place: Shadze-Ma doesn't define itself as a 'nation' but as a 'sovereign Doonist entity'.

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I love Shadze-Ma, as many other of your creations, the Citadel is amazing, one of my favorite parts! (and I don't reallt care about the names, for me this area could be called 'individual projects' and I'd be happy)


I never saw the Citadel before, but it's indeed great!

You are here » OpenGeofiction » Individual Projects » Shadze-Ma